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History & Origin 

Martin has discovered that you get what you wish for. His dad wanted to be famous, and he made the front cover of the newspaper - and the obits. He his wanted to be secure, and got her husband's life insurance. Her sister wanted a baby, it was retarded. Martin believes that there is a god, and that he's a nasty sonuvabitch.

Aug 1981 - 14th, little Marty is born to Judith & Lewis Gideon.

1986 - Father is an agent for U.N.T.I.L., Marty comes to work with him, meets Captain Chrome, and begins his dreams of superheroism.

March 1986 - Kevin Gideon is born.

1988 - 1994 - Marty begins brining home snapshots and autographs of supertypes. He begins pen-palling with supertypes. Keeps letters and newspaper articles in his scrapbook, which begins to grow very quickly. Many kids his age collect superhero paraphernalia, Marty is different in that he is indiscriminate about who his interests are. He collects everything.

Dec 1994 - Father begins spending more time at work & coming home later, gets heated phone calls at odd hours, stays away for days, weeks at a time.

Apr 1995 - Father begins winding down his mission, preparing to hand over the reins and take a vacation.

Aug 1995 - Marty's 14th birthday. Keith, 18, is working his summer job, Melissa, 16, is surgically attached to her private phone. Kevin is 11.

Marty and his father are preparing for a fishing trip for his birthday. They finish packing, and Marty runs into the house to kiss his mom good-bye and heads back to the car at the curb. A van comes careening around the corner, it's side windows open, with gun-barrels protruding. Lewis begins running toward Marty, screaming for him to get back inside the house. He tackles Marty to the ground just as a blaster bolt rips into his back. To his dying day, Marty will remember the crush of his father's broken body and his father's beseeching eyes staring into his as the life ebbs out of him.

In the aftermath, Marty finds, separate from the blaster wound, an arrow in his father's back. It has a ribbon attached to the shaft, green, emblazoned with a yellow serpent - the mark of Viper.

His world is brought down around his ears. Marty is gone, and Martin, a serious hollow-eyed young man is born.

After the investigation, U.N.T.I.L. returns the leather bomber jacket, which Martin keeps safe. In moments of sorrow, he will pull it out and finger the blaster hole.

Dec 1995 - Keith leaves home and his family and is never heard from again.

1996 - Martin, now in high school, is given a camera by his mom, he takes to photography and joins the camera club. There he meets his best-friend-to-be Warren Peace. He becomes interested in the school yearbook and serious writing.

Summer 1998 - Graduates high school, must finish math in summer school to get accepted at U of Guelph for journalism. Miss Geri Menudo is tutoring him, and they become friends. She shows him some tricks on her computer, and tells him she is after a better job at IBM but can't get it because of her race & background (she is Asian). Martin writes a scathing letter to the president of IBM and gets positive results for Geri. Inexplicably, he also gets an A in math.

Oct 1998 - Starts University. For his first essay he is to study the sociopolitical impact of mutants and decides to do a write-up on a voluntary mutant testing and information clinic. In his investigation, he discovers that the clinic is not entirely legitimate, and is merely a front for a systematic monitoring of latent mutants.

Martin breaks in at night and discovers The Testing Zone where animals are exposed to toxic mutagens for study. There are precious few laws regarding rights of human mutants; there are none regarding animal mutants. He steals and vial of the mutagen and manages to release several cages of animals before he is caught and there is a scuffle. He is injected with a lethal dose of the mutant-genesis catalyst and left to die.

Nov 1988 - Martin wakes up in a hospital; he has been in a coma for a month and had been kicked out of University. He is noticeably changed - the doctor suggests that it is from the coma but Martin is soon to discover that he has mutant powers. He is kept in a hospital for mental care until he can deal with his new self. He is very lucky that his physician is a mutant sympathizer and keeps his condition confidential. This allows him to apply to and enter University of Toronto.

Apr 1999 Martin comes home one day to find that Kevin has dug out the bomber jacket. He has also discovered the vial of mutagen that Martin had pocketed. They tell no one, but a week later, Kevin becomes very ill.

Jun 1999 - Martin's nephew is born to his sister Melissa. It is retarded.

Jul 1999 - Melissa attempts suicide and mom, having had enough of God's vindictive ways is hospitalized for mental delusions. She feels she is being punished through her family and loves ones for her illegitimate first-born child, and begins repenting.

Aug 1999 - Martin attains custody of Kevin, being partially supported by his father's life insurance.

Sept 1999 - Retains his parent's 4-bedroom home with Kevin in downtown Toronto on the University campus. Warren & Doug move in to help with the mortgage.

Sept 1999 - Martins' first article is accepted into the paper under the pen-name Gene Poole. It is a plea for all ignorant young paranormals to reach out for help, to contact someone they trust, and to write to him so he can find the right people. The article is a success.

Winter 2000 - Martin makes frequent visits to his mother in the hospital , sometimes bringing Kevin. He goes to school and lives with Warren and Doug and his friend Geri has been helping him digitize his super-database on his home computer.

He has several cats. His favorites being a blue Persian named Chrome, a big Tom named Kelly and a pair of black kittens named Sparky and Widow.

Martin is caught in a null pocket and whisked away to an alternate world. Details to follow.


Vital Stats 

Height:variable, averages 5'7"
Weight:variable, averages 135 lb.
Eyes:variable, often hazel
Hair:variable, usually brown
Real Name:<classified> Martin Gideon
Identity:known only to close friends, family and CSF
Former Aliases:Changeling
Place of Birth:Toronto, Canada
Marital Status:single
Known Relatives:Father: Lewis - deceased; mother: Judith - under mental health care; older brother: Keith - whereabouts unknown; sister: Melissa - married; younger brother: Kevin; nephew,3 - retarded
Occupation:full-time CSF operative, also part-time photographer and journalist
Group Affiliation:Canadian Special Forces - Canadian Shield



Martin's superpowers truly are a wildcard. Even he cannot predict from day to day what powers he will (or won't) have.

The change occurs while he is asleep, though he needs much less sleep than most folk, needing only 8 hours 'prox every 3 days. Each time he sleeps, he slips into a coma, and begins to transform, undergoing major physical changes. Often the changes are so great, that he forms a cocoon of protoplasmic material around his body, protecting him until it is complete. This transformation consumes huge quantities of bodily resources, and Martin must eat and excrete 3-4 times as much as normal.

He despises the changes, usually occurring just as he has gotten the hang of his new powers. Often the changes are excruciatingly taxing on him, causing agonizing pain, hellish nightmares and lasting psychological effects. He tends to try to delay it if he can with rigorous exercise, coffee or a healthy supply of No-Doz.

The ones with the nightmares are the worst. Often it seems as if he is conscious throughout the entire process, bursting into flames, being squeezed through a wringer, or worse. If he feels he cannot handle an episode, he has a supply of dream suppressant to help him through.

The change itself is completely unpredictable. One day he will have the ability to tap into someone's mind at a distance, the next he grows a chitinous exoskeleton, and the next day he can fire energy bolts from his fingertips. Each change shows no trace of the previous state. Martin rarely has time to realize his potential before changing, and often discovers powers when he least expects (or wants) it. Assumedly there are times when he never discovers the full extent of his abilities.

He has developed a rigorous exercise routine for his emergence from the cocoon. It tests the usual ways of activating powers, concentration, pointing his hands at inert objects, testing each muscle and sense, and looking for new ones. He has begun to teach his method to his fledgling teammate Echo who has similar difficulties with unfamiliar powers.

A Nightmare

Morning Routine


Motivations & Goals 

Martin is struggling with his condition. He is truly a freak of freaks. He feels that this is his lot in life and he must try to live as best he can. His heart goes out to all mutants and altered humans everywhere, especially novices, and he will do whatever he can to help them out.

Using his contacts with super-types who have learned the hard way to deal with their afflictions, Martin feels he can help a great deal by getting them in contact with each other, or with parapsychologists.

His biggest fear is that he is exposing these kids to the wrong sources, or the wrong people getting a hold of them. His goal is to establish a danger-free method of help. He is looking into how the web can achieve this goal. He also writes a newsletter, which he distributes about the University campus, in video arcades and wherever else he thinks the young, mutated, and deeply troubled will go. One day he plans to start a Mutant's Anonymous Club.



Because of his endearing sympathy for mutants, he will attempt the least confrontational way of dealing with them in crime situations. He will attempt to talk them down, and failing that, use minimal force in apprehending them. He knows there are many villainous mutants out there who are in need of counseling, and that there are far fewer truly criminal super-types out there than the public thinks. Martin does not feel this way about non-mutant supers - gadgeteers, martial artists, etc. He feels they have made a choice to adopt this lifestyle (which true mutants have not) and will treat them at face value.



Martin habitually keeps on him his father's brown/day-glo orange U.N.T.I.L. bomber jacket, his latest camera and his journal notebook.



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