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Alex Harris fretted and fussed with the apparatus. There were too many people hanging around and the equipment; Although several metres high and made of copper and iron, it was extremely sensitive. It looked very much like a giant eggbeater, with its moving parts pointed toward the sky.

The Gate
Nullspace Gate
Reporters of all kinds were milling about, waiting for the press conference to begin. A few had tried to pester him for an interview, but when he was working he was often oblivious to everything and everyone else around him. After a few minutes of zig-zagging around the grounds behind Alex, most of them simply gave up and waited, recorded establishing shots or introductions and got down to the serious business of smoking and drinking coffee.

Kinetoman, one of the metahumans sent by the government to provide security, hovered patiently above Alex, ever watchful. Metahumans had become more and more common nowadays. Since Prime Minister Marion McCloud had opened Canada's immigrational doors to metahumans from around the world, the sight of a costumed "superhero" - or "supervillain" - had become a common occurance. The other non-flying members of Kinetoman's team, Vanguard, stood beside the RCMP contingent at the edge of the proving grounds on alert.

Canada had become a new playground for terrorism after taking a giant leap forward in the high-tech industry and becoming energy self-sufficient nearly overnight, largely due to Alex's inventions. His CANFU fusion reactor had earned him a Nobel prize, as did the Digital Algorithm Virtual Entity or D.A.V.E., the world's first thinking computer. These accomplishments had also earned him the dubious distinction of being in the same year, Time Magazine's Person of the Year, and Number One Terrorist Target. He was currently leading the Prime Minister herself in the number of attempts on his life. It was not a race he cared to win... the saga continues>>>


Episode Guide 

Je Me Souviens (I Will Remember) - pilot episode
Queen's Park and Skydome
Queen's Park and Skydome
The NFLQ plant a mini-nuke at Queen's Park in Toronto. Their real target is former Prime Minister Trudeau (PM during the November Crisis who imposed martial law and jailed members of the previous Fronte) who is throwing out the first baseball at the season opener at Skydome. The bomb threat is just to lure Canadian Shield away from the real threat to embarass the federal government's new initiatives and take revenge upon the PM. They have a team of mutants to defend the bomb site while another is preparing to kill the PM.

Canadian Shield manages to defeat the opposition (and one of the NFLQ changes sides thanks to Siren) and remove the bomb from populated areas, only to discover it's a dud. The team figures out their real plot and saves the PM and 40,000 bystanders just in time.

The Unfriendly Skies
The NFLQ hijack a 747 and Alex Harris is aboard. Canadian Shield attempts a daring mid-air rescue.
In flight shot of 747 disaster fron an Air Force pursuit plane
In- flight shot of 747 disaster fron an Air Force pursuit plane

The Overman
A super robot killing machine is unleashed in downtown Toronto, It's single-minded purpose to destroy any mutants it finds. The team ultimately defeats The Overman by combining their attacks. Later they discover that the CIA built and programmed the thing to try and eliminate the tactical edge Canada has over the US through its metahuman policies.

Muties N' The 'Hood
Canadian Shield stops a gang war downtown before innocent people are killed. One casualty, however, as Nova's attack sends a gang member plummeting off a high building, killing him. The whole incident is captured on videotape and sold to the tabloid television shows, such as Hard Core. Nova is dismissed from the team.

Hunting Grounds
5 Mahandos'hat are loose in Toronto. It is the vanguard of an invasion - Earth is to be turned into a game preserve. The team stuggles from within and without to stop the aliens before they can achieve their goals.

The Night of Fire
A police precinct burns
A police precinct burns
Jesus Manson and the Mega Cult blow up police stations, hospitals and drug rehab centres in an attempt to take control of the City of Toronto and the supply of Mega (* A narcotic which boosts the effects of other narcotics. Mega is instantly addictive and prolonged use tends to destabilize DNA. Sometimes the DDNA forms a mutant with super powers - who often have no idea how to control them, these are called "Wild Cards" - but mostly it simply kills the user with a variety of cancers).

The head of the cult/drug gang is Jesus Manson, a powerful telepath who can control crowds of people at once. His cult has many formerly prominent superheroes in its midst, now hopelessly addicted to Mega, with Manson in control of the only supply.

Canadian Shield's leader is killed on live television while being interviewed on CTV News. He is killed by a mutant called Nuke, who can teleport, but whose teleportation creates a powerful explosion in his wake. Canadian Shield pieces together what clues they have and finds Manson's headquarters, defeating his army by bringing the whole building crashing down on them in the middle of the fight. Although the cult members are arrested, Manson himself was never found.

Margin of Error
A spy working in Harris Labs steals the TRON suit and the neural interface helmet. He tries it on, not knowing it is specifically tuned to Alex Harris' brainwaves and anyone else attempting to use it gets instant shock therapy. He is driven insane, but disappears before the team can apprehend him. He later shows up at 24 Sussex  Drive, holding the PM hostage. It takes the entire Canadian Shield team's combined, coordinated efforts to take him down without any loss of life. "TRON" later escapes through a police computer interface and...

Ghost In The Machine (Margin of Error Part II)
The TRON consciousness infects the D.A.V.E. computer at Canadian Shield's base and attacks the team with their own equipment. Even Tweener 7 gets taken over through his cyborg half. The base is destroyed but the team survive and TRON disappears into the Internet.

Changeling and Siren (in their civilian identities) are aboard the new Gauss Bullet Train bound for Toronto from Vancouver, when a team of terrorists seize the train and send it accellerating out of control. They plan to detonate the train when it arrives at Union Station with a mini-nuke, killing thousands in the immediate Metro area. Martin and Siren manage to defeat the terrorist agents (identical androids - see Series 5 Combat Drone), disable the explosives and stop the train before it crashes, vowing to fly from now on.


Nexus News - Issue 1

Asteroid Will Pass Safely by in 2027
Mount Royal Ripper Strikes Again
PM Calls for Spring Election
European Union Signs Metahuman Rights Agreement
Australia to Follow in Canada’s Metahuman Footsteps
MEGA Crisis Finally Under Control
Descendant Files Paternity Suit
First Extra-Special Olympics set for Vancouver, 2002

Escape From Montreal (4 part series)
The penal island of Montreal encased in a shimmering force field
Canadian Shield must rescue the Prime Minister, whose plane "Alpha Flight" (the Canadian equivalent of Air Force One) has crashed through a null pocket, hovering in the sky above Montreal. She has fallen through to an alternate earth where metahumans are locked away in gigantic penal colony islands, like the Island of Montreal (*and Manhattan Island in the United States) where her plane has crashed. The null-pocket will only be open for 24 hours so the team must get her back through before then.

The team encounter alternate histories and alternate versions of themselves in this harsh world, including Arrow, who is the chief enforcer here. The mutants and altered humans within the prison have formed rival gangs, constantly at war with one another. (As Siren quips "It's not good guys and bad guys, it's bad guys and worse guys!" Alex Harris, who in this world designed the prison (and who was later incarcerated in it) as an alternative to the death penalty that was becoming more popular with the public, has a plan for escape, using the emergency pod the PM arrived in.

All the energy projectors will mount a concentrated assault on the force field at one end of the island, while he gets flung by a strongman inside the pod through the other side, where the force field will be weakend. The strength of the pod should be sufficient to protect him from the disintigration of the damage shield as he passes. Once outside he will transmit a special advanced computer virus (called "Scorched Earth"), infecting the network, shutting down the shield generators, the power grid and eventually every computer in the world that can be reached by telephone, wire, radio or any other form of communication. Then, the angry mob inside the prison will take their revenge upon the people who have wronged them and take over the world.

During the prison break, the Canadian Shield Team manages to escape with the PM, with the alternate Siren and Soleil in pursuit. They manage to prevent the other Siren from taking over or escaping into their world, but must leave the Arrow suit behind, since it could contaminate the world they were returing to. The PM returns to our world and makes an impassioned speech at the UN for metahuman rights.

At Times Like These (novel)
WWII V2 rocket equipped with a nuclear warhead
WWII V2 rocket equipped with a nuclear warhead
Siren, Loup Garou, Chinook and Alex Harris are transported back in time to 1944. Alex falls under the spell of a powerful telepath working for the Nazis. The other three try to rescue him while trying to prevent altering time lines. A new nuclear-tipped V-2 is created with Alex's help and the Germans launch it at London. A german scientist cracks the lycanthrope retrovirus and creates an army of kriegswulfen to fight for them. Chinook manages to disable the warhead before it reaches its target, Loup Garou defeats the Kriegswulfen, Siren breaks Col. Schow's mental hold on Alex and distracts the soldiers allowing the others to escape, but is later rescued herself. The team managed to pilot a broken-down Junkers to the cliffs of Dover, where they are shot down and barely manage to evade the english soldiers in time to make it to the next null pocket out of there.
And then things get worse.

Only The Strong Survive
An alien probe lands and begins testing its life-forms in preparation for an invasion. The team intercept it before it encounters any normal humans. The aliens are left with the impression that the dominant intelligent life forms on Earth are very powerful indeed and so they cancel their invasion plans. This time.


Nexus News - Issue 2 

Asteroid Contact Lost
WTO Conference On
CIA Spy Scandal
Igloo Scientists Quit
Oil Tanker Seized

By Any Means (6 part series)

Part I:    The Enforcers of Nature

A conference is to be held with 20 of the world's most powerful countries attending, to discuss the mutant issue, economics and the environment. The conference is to be held in the New City Hall in Toronto, and Canadian Shield is to provide security. Just before the conference is about to begin, all hell breaks loose. Four elemental behemoths attach the city, approaching the conference from separate directions. Canadian Shield fights these monsters, which dissolve when defeated into small capsules containing a comatose human being - apparently the control mechanism. The volunteers have no memory of the events, but are fanatical followers of someone called Gaia. Meanwhile, some of the delegates have gone missing. An invisible teleporter called Ether has snatched them away to a predetermined location - a ship off the Grand Banks - and had kidnapped 9 of them by the time Canadian Shield caught on. Echo followed Ether to that location, brought the delegates back and alerted the authorities.


Nexus News - Issue 3 

Delegates Still Missing
Oil Tankers Recovered

Bikini Atoll Trident Submarine

Part II:    Electric Eye

The 9 world leaders returned to the conference by Echo were fakes. Sadly, the sweeping positive environmental reforms voted on by the committee have been rendered null and void by the nations affected. The nine leaders (of The United States, The People's Republic of China, The Russian Federation, The United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, France, Japan, India) were apparently clones of some sort, which dissolved when injured. The majority of the rest of the world is now upset at Canada, the US being the most vocal about it.

It seems the abductions of the supertankers were achieved by some expert hacking into GPS satellites and some unusual weather patterns. Since the Black Boxes were out of synch with the Geneva Atomic Clock, someone has the ability to hack the supposedly unhackable. D.A.V.E. made a short list.

Meanwhile, it seems someone posted a "villains wanted" notice on the OverNet. The Overnet is a special network, created by Jeffrey Todd, which only the 25 most talented hackers in the world even know the existence of. Of the remaining 24, 10 are missing, 10 died suddenly of heart attacks and 4 are in strategic places in the US military and government. The most recent node used by the OverNet was in Hawaii and it would stay open for another 9 hours. Todd suggested going to the Hawaiian islands area and doing a transmission delay scan to determine the source. They found that the source is Bikini Atoll, site of the first test of the Hydrogen Bomb.

Canadian Shield investigated, while the other major cities' teams across Canada massed at the Canada-US border to keep the peace. Charlene Parker flew our team to rendez-vous with the destroyer HMS Pemberley - The United Kingdom is the only country of the 9 to have stood behind Canada and were offering them assistance. Capt. Darcy and Cmdr. Bingly saw to the team's needs while the CSF jet refuelled.

Meanwhile, the sonar operator detected an unidentified submerged object approaching their position. This could be the same unidentified submerged object that was shadowing some American "Alpha" class attack submarines some 500kms away.

Capt. Darcy sent out two helicopters to recon the area with sonar buoys. Canadian Shield decided they would use the jet and rendez-vous from the opposite direction as they feared the patrols were in danger, and wanted to draw attention away from the Pemberley.

When they arrived at the co-ordinates, the helicopters turned to launch their missiles at the CSF Jet. Thanks to some quick mental powers, the pilots turned and headed back to the Pemberley instead.

The submarine had surfaced.

First out the door was Arrow, planning on disabling the turrets on the fore deck which were now trained on the hovering CSF-1. Bluefire, using the CSF-1's cannons, disabled some of the turrets before he got there, but Arrow soon had his hands full taking on TRON, who had appeared on the conning tower.

The team was stranded in their jet as BOTH flying characters joined in the fray - Bluefire flew out the door to fight TRON himself. Bluefire's electrical powers only made TRON stronger, however.

With Arrow distracted from disabling the turrets, the rest were free to obliterate the CSF-1.

Were it not for Siren's heroic efforts, Summer, The Corporal, Charlene, Loup Garou, Martin and Siren herself would have been killed in the ensuing explosion.

More villains appeared and the battle continued on deck, which was periodically electrified, aiding TRON, but stunning most of the others.

As Sgt. Renfrew of the RCMP was often heard to say "When I regained consciousness...," the Canadian Shield Team found themselves in a featureless metal room. Meanwhile, Martin was in a coma cocoon once more....

Since contact was lost and our heroes presumed captured, Bucky and Tweener are in hot pursuit.

Part III:    Immortal Kombat

Something kept the team alive and allowed them to heal, but for what purpose?

Bucky and Tweener flew across Canada and towards the south Pacific in their modified Otter Seaplane. After a rendez-vous with the HMS Pemberley, Captain Darcy advised them that the US Alpha Class submarines were closing on their position; If they did not move from this position, there may be an international incident, should the CSF agents be found aboard. The Pemberley would return to the co-ordinates within 3 days to pick up the team, however. Tweener and Bucky took off again. Following the heading given to them by the pilots of the helicopter patrol, they followed the trail of the nuclear submarine to Bikini Atoll.

Although they were taking care to avoid being detected, an advanced metahuman scouting party noticed them and an anti-aircraft missile was dispatched immediately, dispatching the Otter.

Bucky and Tweener bailed out just in time.

Tweener, unfortunately, sunk right to the bottom of the ocean. Unhurt, but annoyed, he began walking towards the island.

Bucky, meanwhile, with his enhanced senses detected a submarine bay underneath the island. Overpowering some guards, he stole a uniform and infiltrated the base, only to end up a prisoner like the rest.

Shortly afterward, the IR patterns on the walls disappeared and the long wall parted to reveal a large stadium, complete with holographic fans and a series of platforms, suspended above a plasma field floor.

Each hero and villain was introduced and powers described as they entered. The villains were given cheering applause by the holographic crowd, Canadian Shield got boos.

The villains present included all the ones they'd just fought on the submarine: TRON, a Mahandosahat, Ether, Mitsy The Mutant Killer, Shadow, and Witch Wolf.

The team performed brilliantly, thinking their strategy through ahead of time.

Meanwhile, Charlene, the machine empath, asked the room nicely if it would provide them with an exit, and it was happy to oblige. While Arrow kept TRON at bay, the rest of the team escaped to the jungle beyond. TRON was finally subdued, allowing their escape, and the door closed again as soon as they were out.

Part IV:    Open Season

The team has managed to escape to the surface and finds themselves on one of the islands in Bikini Atoll. In hot pursuit are the Coup Twins and a Mahandos'hat. With some teamwork and coordination - which they're getting better at - they manage to KO all three, and even prevent the Mahandos'hat from activating its self-destruct device. Now what?

Part V:    The Long Night

SAC HQ, NORADBy interrogating the Coup Twins, (using Wild Card's new wind powers to keep their pheremone-based mental powers at bay) Canadian Shield manages to find out the Big Plan of the forces of GAIA. A backdoor has been hacked into the defense computer network of NORAD. When the DEFCON reads 2 or less, it will allow the hackers under control of GAIA to launch missiles into orbit. The warheads will then be detonated, creating a massive NEMP, shorting out all electronics. Then, the metahumans on the GAIA team will seize power in the ensuing chaos. Siren manages to convince Coup D'evil to be a go-between to contact Gaia herself. A meeting is arranged. Gaia, it seems had started off with peaceful intentions, but the associates she required for her plans had greater ambitions. So, when the replacements of the world leaders failed to get the environmental reforms signed, on to plan B, and then C and so on. Gaia, it seems has a code against killing and doesn't want to hurt anyone; she simply wants to save the world and the world being in the shape it's in, time is short indeed. Siren and Gaia, with the help of Coup D'evil, try to work out an alternative.

Part VI:    Deep Blue Seige

With the Royal Marines preparing to storm the island (Arrow flying point to protect the ships and draw fire away), the Simon's created a distraction, making it appear as if the marines had already arrived and were bombing the island. Meanwhile, the team sneaks in through an access tunnel and manages to make it into the control room. Gaia is there, along with Tron, a Mahandos'hat, Jesus Manson and others - and the five missing hackers. All is underway. Using the stolen stealth suit, Siren sneaks up behind Manson and zaps him with her TASER, knocking him unconscious. Martin, using his wind powers, sends the hackers flying on their chairs towards the other end of the room, away from the consoles, while Bluefire temporarily shorts out the lights and the computers, just in time before the go-signal can be sent to the missiles. Mahem ensues. Gaia tries to help Canadian Shield while still pretending to be on the side of her allies. A reactor accident is faked and the base is evacuated. Gaia leaves with her most trusted personnel aboard her stealth submarine. Gaia's remaining forces surrender to the Canadians first, since the other countries enroute to the island all have death penalties for these kinds of acts. A special hatch is released which floods the base beneath the Atol, closing it for good.

Canadian Shield hitch a lift aboard the HMCS Algonquin, enroute back to its home base of Esquimalt.

Things That Go Bump

Exhausted from saving the world, the team hitch a ride home on a Canadian Destroyer, and take a much needed rest - far too short a rest. Without warning, the team finds itself under attack. They are spirited helplessly away and deposited on an alien world where a mysterious power is sucking the life out of all living things. They must descend into the depths of the planet itself to uncover the mystery in a race against time - not just for a way home, but to save their very lives.


Nexus News - Issue 4 

PhoenixCorp Facing Hostile Takeover
School Safety Raised Metahuman Rights Debate
Supermodel Slugfest
Giant Dogs Kill 7
Manson Family Behind Bars
Chinese in Taiwan Strait, Threaten Invasion
Baby Glows In The Dark
Who Are You?
Storm Killed in Lab Accident
Saved by a Stranger’s Warning

Home is Where You Hang Your Cape

The team returns home, only to find home isn't going to be around for much longer. The CSF is being shut down by the newly elected government and the team is out of a job. It also seems that life has gone on for their friends and families. Meanwhile, there are events unfolding behind the scenes that may tear the team and their world apart.

VIA-GO CrashA devestating train crash is predicted by Martin's long lost brother Keith, who, it seems, is a seer. Martin discovers his siblings and nephew are alive and well and living in this dimension.

Blue Fire has troubles at home with his sister, her drug problem and her louse of a boyfriend, but to make matters worse, it seems his cover has been blown.

There is, apparently, a better hacker out there than CSF's own Jeffrey Todd. He is excited by the prospect of a worthy foe, but the Canadian Shield files may have been hacked.

John Phoenix hires a private investigator to find the killer of Jim Storm and has family troubles of his own, taking care of his cousin Jake.

Corporal Simon is shipped off to the Taiwan Strait, where things are heating up between the Chinese Navy and the American, British and Canadian forces stationed there.

Summer Simon is apparently addicted to copying powers, particularly Blue Fire's electrics. She's hooked on the rush.

Celebrity Snoop Magazine has been sending reporters to Siren's home town of Corfu to dig up some dirt on her past.

There has been an ever-increasing amount of Null Pocket activity lately. D.A.V.E. has determined that it will reach some critical point soon. This could coincide with the biblical prophesy in revelations, connected with the train disaster, predicted by Keith.

The entire Mega Cult has surrendered themselves to the authorities at the urging of their leader. Stronghold superhuman prison is reaching capacity.

Witch Wolf is back in Toronto, is apparently creating new werewolves to form a pack of her own, and is sending threats to Jean. He seems determined to handle the situation on his own, which may be his doom.

The fate of Canadian Shield and the CSF is still uncertain.


Nexus News - Issue 5 

Siren Makes Historic Speech At United Nations
Canadian Team To Probe Antarctic Glacier
Sun Microsystems To Build Molecular Microchip
PM Announces Reforms to CSF Program

A Lighter Shade of Gray (PBEM)

Our heroes continue to put fires out in their daily lives.

Cpl. Simon is transferred to the UN Peacekeeping force in the Taiwan Strait, Summer Simon is offered a scholarship at an exclusive school for gifted youngsters in Upstate New York. She accepts and is off without a word. Bucky heads back to Chicago to train the new Night Watchman.

The remaining five members of Canadian Shield (Red Arrow, Siren, Wild Card, Blue Fire and Loup Garou, fly out to Ottawa to plead their case with the PM. They seem successful in convincing him to continue funding the CSF, albeit in a modified form. He is now considering their proposal and they are considering how odd he was.

Immediately after returning to base, John Phoenix takes off in a helicopter to try and manage his busy company and life. Steven Wright finds his sister has left the base for parts unknown. Jean Codere examines some strange carvings on a tree bark which alarms him greatly and he takes off to Toronto immediately. Keith Gideon has shown up and has a frightening vision of an apocalyptic future to share with Siren and Martin.

D.A.V.E. is still non-functional, but Alex Harris is on his way back from Taipei and won't arrive for several hours and Jeffrey Todd has the mother of all migraines. There is another hacker with Jeffrey's talent out there and it looks like s/he is bent on sabotage.



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