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Villain Teams 



Jesus Manson and the Mega Cult

The Cleaners

The Wolfen

Unaffiliated Enemy Operatives


  Name: Margaret Cole
Abilities:Director of the Canadian Special Forces, Metahuman Division the representative of the Canadian Government to Canadian Shield.
  Name: RH Marion McLoud
Abilities:Opposition Party Leader(Lib.)former prime minister of Canada.
NOTE: human, her life was saved by Jean Codere while he was studying at McGill, founded Canadian Shield, enacted the Metahuman Amnesty Act, a tireless Metahuman and Human Rights activist
  Name: RHPM John Cockburn
Abilities:Prime Minister(P.C.)
NOTE: human, the newest prime minister of Canada. His Tory government defeated Marion McCloud's in the last election and cancelled the CSF program after the GAIA fiasco and increasing costs made the program unpopular. He also cut the budget of the Ministry of Metahuman Affairs.
  Name: Const. Frazer Kelly, RCMP
Abilities:Federal police powers
NOTE: human, infuriatingly nice
  Name: Carter Doyle
Abilities:Director of C.S.I.S
NOTE: human


  Name: V.I. Warshawski
Abilities:Private detective
NOTE: human, hired over the Internet by John Phoenix to investigate the mysterious death of Jim Storm. She's originally from Chicago, but took the case anyway because of Phoenix's lucrative offer.
  Name: Jake Phoenix
Abilities:student, bright and inquisitive
NOTE: human, second cousin to John Phoenix. He's staying at John's estate as a favour to Jake's parents. His mother is fighting a prolonged battle with cancer.
  Name: Ted Ries
Abilities:Acrobatics, street fighting, swinging, basic military training
NOTE: human. His first ambition in life was to be a Navy Seal, but he didn't pass muster. He became obsessed with the Night Watchman and when Wayne Bruce was killed, decided to take his place to keep the legend alive. Undisciplined and reckless, he is bound to get himself killed messily unless he gets some badly needed coaching on how to really be a superhero.
  Name: Edward Lewis
Abilities:Corporate raiding
NOTE: human, unscrupulous and corporate
  Name: Vivian Ward
NOTE: human, obstinate and arrogant
  Name: Medea Sirus
NOTE: Mutant, leader of a political lobby group advocating for the rights of metahumans or mutants.
  Name: Keith Gideon
Abilities:Clairsentience / Precognition / Retrocognition
NOTE: Mutant, older brother of Martin, Internet trader, works for MorningHair Investments.
  Name: Kevin Gideon
NOTE: Younger brother of Martin.
  Name: Melissa Gideon
NOTE: Sister of Martin. Married, mother of Kayla.
  Name: Judith Gideon
NOTE: Human, mother of Martin, Melissa and Kevin. Currently under mental care.
  Name: Rene Codere
NOTE: grandfather to Jean, last surviving member of Jean's family; taught Jean everything he knows. Resides in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
  Name: Stephanie Wright
Abilities:Exotic dancer, Economics and Business Studies student at Ryerson
NOTE: Sister of Steven Wright
  Name: Geri Menudo
Abilities:Digital Media Executive
NOTE: Friend of Martin Gideon
  Name: Ed Wong
Abilities:Armed Forces Soldier
NOTE: Old war buddy of Steven Wright. They were "Wright and Wong"
  Name: Michel Fenant
Abilities:incredible financial insight
NOTE: Financial Advisor and Trader, he's the best there is. Owns MorningHair Investments Inc.
  Name: Snake
NOTE: Dating Stephanie Wright, has a "secret identity" and needs certain chemical assistance to use his "super powers".
  Name: Stone
Abilities:strength, hard skin, street wise, big heart
NOTE: Friend of Steven Wright.
  Name: Thomas Sisko
Abilities:Chief Operating Officer of Phoenix Industries
NOTE: He has been friends with Phoenix for 15 years and knows his secret identity.
  Name: William Sisko
Abilities:NAVY S.E.A.L.
NOTE: Brother of Thomas.
  Name: Tiffany Bridges
Abilities:Model / actress
NOTE: Saved from terrorists by Siren, she's recently written a book about her experiences with the Supermodel/Superhero
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