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Image Gallery 

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Flash Intro

Siren &
Loup Garou

Loup Garou


River Phoenix
as Wildcard

Blue Fire

The Gate

The Nul Pocket

The Igloo

The Gang

MP3 Files 

Canadian Shield Theme (Extendomix)
A longer remix of the main theme. Available at MP3.COM
Canadian Shield Prologue
Used for the flash intro to the website. Available at MP3.COM
Canadian Shield Theme (with sound fx)
CS Theme, with sound effects. Available at MP3.COM
Near Earth
(from the episode The Devil You Know) Available at MP3.COM
Red Arrow Leaves Canadian Shield (from the episode Bad Moon Rising) Available at MP3.COM
Evil Walks Among You
(from the episode Premonitions and Revelations) Available at MP3.COM
Ominous Fortuitous
(from the episode Lighter Shade of Grey)
This Is The Way The World Ends (variation 1)
(from the episode Premonitions and Revelations)
For Whom Hell Tolls (variation 2)
(from the episode Lighter Shade of Grey)

Check out or for more!
AND be sure to also check out MUSIC FOR SUPERHEROES while you're there for more great game soundtrack music!

Sound Effects 

  1. Base alarm
  2. CF-2001 taking off from its base hangar.
  3. CF-2001 firing plasma autocannons.
  4. CSF ATV turret firing.
  5. Explosion
  6. Null pockets opening and closing
  7. Siren's song
  8. Siren's sonic blast
  9. Wildcard transforming
  10. Wildcard emerging from his cocoon.
  11. Red Arrow flyby
  12. Red Arrow power-up and takeoff from lab
  13. Loup Garou howling
  14. Loup Garou roaring battle cry
  15. Bluefire lightning bolt
  16. Bluefire's force field
  17. Bullet bouncing off Bucky's shield
  18. Echo absorbing powers
  19. Cpl. Simon firing machine gun
  20. Tweener 7's blaster firing

MIDI files 

Canadian Shield Theme
Canadian Shield Theme
Theme From "The Last Starfighter" (used as CS theme in 1st season)

Other Superhero Themes
David Bowie's "Heroes"
Queen's "We Are The Champions"
Theme of Nitchze's superman "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
"Superman" - movie
"Batman" - movie
"Wonder Woman" - TV series
"X-Men" - cartoon
"Spiderman" - cartoon
"The Incredible Hulk" TV series
"Due South" TV series
"Disco Inferno" from "Mystery Men" - movie

Episode Music
"Escape From New York" (from the campaign "Escape From Montreal")
"Mortal Kombat" (from the adventure "Immortal Kombat")
"Two Tribes" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (from the adventure "Deep Blue Seige")
"Crazy" by Seal (from the adventure "Lighter Shade of Grey")
"Bondage" by Tao Jones (from the adventure "Electric Eye")
"Sympathy for The Devil" by the Rolling Stones (from the adventure "Legends")

Genre Sources
Space: 1999
Babylon 5
The Avengers
James Bond Theme
Get Smart
Inspector Gadget
The Saint
Mission: Impossible
The X-Files
Twin Peaks
Star Blazers
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Space: Above and Beyond
Battlestar: Galactica be continued.

Cartoon Gallery 

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Danger Sense
Note To Self
This May Sting A Bit
Workplace Hazardous Materials Warning
Yeow Flare
The Well-prepared Ninja
Ninja: Master of Stealth


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