The Carnival Victory - 893 feet long, 14 stories tall

We leave Manhattan Island

The Mediterranean Restaruant on Lido Deck - the main room for casual dining - and the first stop upon embarkation

We hit fog pretty quickly

Ionian Lounge "Smoking Room"

Detailing of Ionian Lounge - these are ostensibly authentic antiques

The 7 story Lobby Lounge and elevator bank - goes from Main Deck 3 up to Lido Deck 9

The Lobby Lounge from the other angle. You can see the mural on the top 4 stories in this angle

The three-story Caribbean Theatre

Detailing in the Caribbean Theatre

The Atlantic Dining Room - looking from Atlantic Deck down to Lobby Deck

The Art Auction - A Picasso in this auction was assessed at $86,000. (Bidders did not hit the minimum asking)

The Library - the only place on the ship except for our stateroom that's quiet

Lights in one of the main hallways on Promenade Deck

Detailing of a typical door handle in the main hallways on Promenade Deck - that seahorse is about a foot tall

Our modest stateroom on Riviera Deck

Each night, our towels are replaced in a uniquely creative way

Oh yeah. The day before our departure, the Victory had a run-in with the pier...