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Wednesday 4th - Perth, Ottawa

The Executive Summary

Straight North from Gananoque to town of Perth. There we drop in on woodworker Dunn Sohn. We had seen him at a Home Show several years ago, and I'd been threatening to come see him since then. He's got some gorgeous blistered maple that he's going to turn into our coffee table tray. Lunch in Perth, on to Ottawa to visit my aunts (3 of them). Joan gratiously feeds us a delightful meal of salmon steaks and portobello mushrooms, and puts us up for the night in her giant new bungalow.

The Picturebook

Just outside Gananoque on the highway, we find a mobile home with a huge natural rock formation. What might have been a blight upon an otherwise flat, usable property, has been transformed with care and though into a huge, beautiful garden.

The amount of wildlife we see in the 100 yard walk to and from the woodworker's studio is more than I've seen in about 8 years living in the city. We are overrun by frogs, we see the other usual field denizens, grasshoppers, crickets, etc., plus a garter snake (!) crawls right across our path. And this big critter, who hisses and tries to motor away once he sees me.

My wife and my aunties: Mary, Kathy and Joan. And Kodak and Nikon.


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