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Tuesday 3rd - Home

The Executive Summary

Head out from T.O. ~1PM, take a detour to High Perspective airfield. Don't find it, but this does put us on Hwy 7 heading east. We follow that all through Peterborough and eventually to Gananoque, where we pull in around 6.

I want a place by the water, so we drive south until we hit water and then check in. The lady says "all we have left is a room with a King-size bed, a fireplace, a Jacuzzi, and a walkout to a private deck over looking the river." I say, "Sounds terrible."

Liquor store is closed, but we are saved by room service, who have a wine, fruit and cheese plate all ready. Otherwise, that deck and its sunset would have been useless.

The Picturebook

How the vacation starts. Not to be discounted. This is not a mad dash to hit the road. We spend the first few days of our vacation in Puerto Backyarda.

Our first stop: Gananoque.

All they have left was a room with a private deck overlooking the grounds and waterfront.

I had said I wanted a river view. So sue me.

It has the most beautiful little garden. That's our room at the very top-centre of the image.

The Inn's front lawn is also beautiful.

That's our place, awaaay up top there (scroll right...).


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