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Siren in the News 

FILE: Siren


New face launches spring collections in Paris.
Hector Troy modelling agency has snagged this years most unforgettable look with an unknown from the Mediterranean.

'Siren', a statuesque blonde bombshell has just been signed to the Paris-based agency and is expected to raise their profile through the roof. Says Troy, "We have no doubts that she will remain in the public eye forever. Have you seen her?"

Unprecedented attendance at spring launch
The new face of the season 'Siren' is getting better press coverage than the best designers in Paris - and they all like it! And not only the press is ga-ga for the Mediterranean model. Normally-blasé Parisians are crowding the streets for a glimpse of her unforgettable face.

Hostage-taking at the Paris collection
A group of five terrorists from the AAEU (Anarchists Against European Unification) group has taken eight of the world's top fashion models hostage in a bid to gain the public's attention for their insane cause. Among the hostages is the belle of the season 'Siren', the blonde beauty who took Paris by storm this season. The terrorists threaten to slash the supermodels faces if their demands aren't met.

Paris thrilled by unexpected release of supermodels
The world was shocked today by the sudden release of the 8 supermodels taken hostage 18 hours ago and the immediate surrender of the terrorists. Police Inspector du Lac says he has never seen the likes of this before, "For no reason, they suddenly give up. It's the strangest thing..."

SuperModel Siren really Super
Details of the supermodel hostage situation are starting to be pieced together by the Paris investigations team and it looks like the models have... Siren to thank.

Supermodel Tiffany Bridges said in an exclusive interview today, "We were all really scared and sort of huddled together. But actually, she didn't really seem scared, just kind of annoyed. But then they bad guys started shouting and stuff - I think they weren't getting enough money or something - and this one guy started coming towards us with a knife, saying he was going to cut us all up. We all started screaming and they were yelling and then he grabbed Siren's arm...then his arms wasn't attached to his shoulder anymore and he was across the room but his arm wasn't and we all screamed really loud and he was screaming too then. But there was this terrible screaming sound that Siren made. It was really loud and awful, but I think the armless guy might have screamed louder. Then, the other guys came in 'cause of all the yelling and suddenly there was this weird eerie music. I guess we must have been all passed out them or something 'cause we heard this music. I thought we were all dying, 'cause that's what happens when you die, right. Anyway, all the bag guys just put down their knives and guns and walked out. After a while, we ran out too. So it looks like supermodel Siren is more than just a pretty face; she's super!


Vital Stats 

Height:6', exactly perfect
Weight:how rude of you to ask!
Eyes:glacial lake blue
Hair:the perfect shade of blonde
Real Name:Siren
Former Aliases:-
Place of Birth:small village near Corfu, Greece
Marital Status:single
Known Relatives:It is believed that Siren's father is still living, but she never talks about him.
Occupation:supermodel, Canadian Shield Operative
Group Affiliation:Canadian Shield




Motivations & Goals 

cover of the novel
At Times Like These
by Hero's Tale Books
50K jpg



In combat situations, Siren usually hangs back, preferring to use her song to distract or disable her opponents. However, when challenged directly, Siren can unleash a powerful sonic blast. Siren disdains the use of any other physical force, finding it "icky".



Siren has been known to carry a powerful short-range tazer gun. On some occasions, those who have kissed her and not been thrown across the room by her sonic blast, have simply fallen unconscious at her feet.



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