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They say that the way you live your thirties is the way you'll live the rest of your life. (I don't know who 'they' is, or when they said it, but you can bet it's God's truth that they said it.) With this in mind, I have decided that I want to live the rest of my life at a reasonable weight. So I have set myself a goal. The goal is 180 pounds. I plan to be under that weight by my 40th birthday, coming up on March 13th, 2004.

The Goal: break 180 by March 13th
This is how I'm doing:

I measure myself each weekend.
I take about 3 readings over the weekend, one each morning [  ], and average them [  ].

Some tips:

I measure myself in the morning, as I always seem to weigh less. I suspect that the combination of

  • normal moisture loss over 8 hours
  • not having eaten for 8 hours
  • going pee first
    are factors.

    Of note, this chart doesn't show my entire journey. At my worst, I was a high as 208 pounds, which is off the chart. Mostly I was more around 203, but I didn't start recording until I took on this weight loss in earnest, and by then, I was down to 198. So, By March 13th I will have actually come down 23 pounds in 23 weeks.


    July 1 2004

    This is no trick. No overhead bar with belt straps, no hand-on-sink, no helium balloons tied to ears, no PhotoShopping, no nothing.

    That's me. Weighing in 169.5 pounds.

    I never never thought I'd get here. I believe I am done.

    February 1 2004
    I cross the 180 mark. I hit my goal of 180 before my 40th birthday. In fact, I am six weeks ahead of schedule.