Day 1 - Friday July 31

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Morning comes cool and overcast. Breakfast is cereal, previously hard-boiled eggs, fruit - and coffee made on our new butane stove. And here we encounter our first "we forgot" - we have forgotten a coffee mug for Jinni. She must drink her coffee from a styrofoam soup bowl. We break camp and set out for the outer shore of Centre Island. This will give us some sailing chops before having to face the traffic in the harbour.back to map

In light winds we make only about 1.5 knots. Unfortunately, our first waypoint (the headland of Centre Island) is directly upwind. We have to beat upwind (tacking back and forth) to clear the point. After about 4 hours, we decide that we'll be out here all day. We decide to motor across the south shore and into the Eastern gap.back to map

For some inexplicable reason, our motor dies. Not sure if I'm low on gas or the intake tube is too short. Propping the tank on an angle seems to help.back to map

As we enter the harbour through the Eastern gap, winds pick up favourably. We get a little bit of good sailing in.back to map

Preparing for docking, I accidentally drop a bumper in the water. Jinni performs a perfect crew overboard procedure and we make a textbook rescue of the hapless bumper. Too bad I wasn't paying attention enough to see the RCYC passenger launch bearing down on us. The pilot gives us the hairy eyeball and an angry toot. We get our gas, a newspaper for Jinni (it's been two days!). Oh yeah. I commit a crime for my bride. I steal an RCYC coffee mug.back to map


We sail back to Queen City Yacht Club on Algonquin I., which is really more our speed than RCYC (we didn't bring our formal attire). If RCYC is a country club, then QCYC is a cottage on a river. It is idyllic. Quiet, shaded with overhanging trees on both banks. The slips are Mediterranean style, i.e. nose in. Several people volunteer to help us pull into our slip. Gabe (Arctic Fox) and Kris (Candy Cane) become our fast friends over wine (brought by us) and Cointreau (provided by Gabe). We talk and exchange stories for hours on the picnic table next to Fox's slip and at the clubhouse. back to map

QCYC from the footpath bridge. See the little white canopy on the left bank? See the shortest mast just to its right? That's us:

The island is .. well ... an island. It is expensive to get anything on or off it. So they resue and recycle.

This post box on the crossroads at the base of the footbridge has become a trading post. It has clothes, books, games, oil paintings, skates and even a bicycle.

Kris takes us out to the beach on Ward's I. for a midnight bonfire:

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