But first ... The New York Irish 2000 Music Festival

Great Big Sea rockin' out, Newfie-style

3000 Irish folk fans jig and reel their way around under the big top.

Me in an awesome cap.

The Norwegian Dawn

Cruising out of New York.

The main promenade, our first intro to the Dawn.

The Salsa Lounge, Decks 7 and 8, midship.

Main elevators, seven stories tall.

A random open area. Restaurant below, skylight three decks above.

The Norwegian Spirit, Dawn's sister ship paces us to our first port under the watchful eye of Saturn.

The Dawn's crew, at the culmination of their performance: Fountains


On the boardwalk.

Dock ducks (or duck docks, depending on your point-of-view).

St. John NB

St. John is a working port.


Fall is coming.

Boston NB

Alas, torrential rain kept us and the camera indoors most of the day.

Newport RI

Isolation in the centre of the action.