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Weekend Getaway to Niagara-on-the-Lake - Sept 2005


Fallsview Motif


South Landing Inn


South Landing Inn and Brock's Monument




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Niagara on the Lake


Cenotaph at the centre of town


A riot of flowers


Very popular in this weather


A riot of flowers


The colour in this image is unretouched


Trisha Romance Collection Gallery


A quiet moment for a reader


More rioting...


Cottage country, outside of town


On the wine tasting tour


Pergola under a perfect sky


Peach blossom


The colour in this image is unretouched. The red has exceeded the saturation ability of my camera


Sunning herself on a shrub


welland Canal in Port Dalhousie


Fallsview Motif


The Fallsview Casino


My favourite part of the weekend:
walking past a hundred foot long lineup of yoots to enter without waiting


Fallsview skylight


Fallsview Motif


Fallsview Motif


Toronto, from St. Catharines

Home, only 25 miles away... as the crow flies


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