Dave's Diving Adventure

On the weekend of May 31 - June 2, I went for my open water checkout dive to graduate as a certified SCUBA diver. We went to Innerkip

Innerkip is a little town, here:

The quarry (Trout Lake) looks like this (click to see full view):

My pictures of the weekend:

The campground:

This is how close the train tracks are to the camp site. They go by about every hour. They blow their horns LONG and LOUD and ALL NIGHT LONG:

You'll notice that everyone's wearing rain gear. It was windy and rainy and miserable for most of the weekend.

Suiting up:

Dive 1. That's me, and that's my first Certified buddy - Dan. He's a firefighter, and he does a kickass job of chopping wood.

That's Art - the past prez:

This gentleman has mask squeeze. He doesn't normally have black eyes. He descended without equalizing the pressure in his mask. The pressure brought the blood to his skin around his eyes.

Us, floating around off the entry point, waiting to go down:

The campfire:

Dive 4. Marianne and I suited up for the final dive, Sunday afternoon.

That's Art behind the train (with Eloise & Kam), trying to put pennies on the track.

The actual diving part was quite exciting. Aside from the landmarks to see - the Cessna, the bomber, cars, trucks, school buses and cabin cruisers, I saw sunfish, pike, trout, silt, algae, and a lot of other divers.

It was easy to get lost going from site to site. They had thoughtfully strung fluorescent twine from landmark to landmark.

The visibility was a bit low, so it was hard to see very far. For example, while looking at the School Bus, you might read "Educ...", but not the "...ation" - unless you moved over.

Here are my exciting underwater pictures (artist's rendering):

Early morning, East side of lake, 10ft depth:

Mid-afternoon, middle of lake, 15ft depth:

Sunday morning, West side, 20ft.:

Sunday afternoon, North end, 25ft.:

It was great fun.

Crappy, rainy, windy, weather, clammy rubber suits, murky green, silty water aside, I had a total ball.